Leiden University

History of European Integration (MA lecture course)

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2014, 2015
Euroscepticism (MA seminar)

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Criticisms of the European project (BA seminar)

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The History of European Integration (BA lecture course)

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Utrecht University

M.A. level:
Transatlantic and European cooperation during the cold war
Co-taught with dr. M. Segers.

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B.A. level, year 1
Contemporary History

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London School of Economics - European University Institute teaching exchange

Micro-teaching international history

University of Cambridge

History Tripos Part II

Lecturer and supervisor: Paper 20 The French and the British problem, 1688-2006 (2007-2008 and 2009-2010).

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Lecturer: Special subject M: Asia's Revolutionary Underground: from Shanghai to Java, 1918-1948 (2009-2010)

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Revision classes: Historical Argument and Practice (HAP): Empires (2008-2009)

History Tripos Part I

Supervisor Paper 23, The West and the 'Third World' since the First World War (2009-2010).

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Class: Historical Argument and Practice (HAP): Empires,
Gonville and Caius College (2009-2010).

Summer school for Sixth form students: Europe and Empire: Britain's interwar dilemma (2008-2009).