1. School-based vocational or work-based apprentice training? An assessment of the Hungarian vocational training system (working paper: HungarianEnglishpublished version)
  2. The long term effects of the 1999 Polish education reform - with Pawel Bukowski (CEU) and Luca Drucker (ELTE) (working paper)
  3. The long term effects of early educational selection - a quasi-natural policy experiment from Hungary - with Klára Gurzó (in progress, Hungarian version)
  4. Productivity effects of dual training - a firm level assessment (in progress, with Eszter Nagy)
  5. Competition between schools and inequality of opportuity - and international (OECD) and a national (Hungarian) study (in progress).
  6. The impact of the increase of compulsory age of schooling on lower status students in Hungary - with Zoltan Hermann (on hold).