1. Which preferences associate with school performance? The link between time, risk, competitive and social preferences and GPA (with Hubert János Kiss (working paper, PLoS One)
  2. The long term effects of the 1999 Polish education reform (with Luca Drucker (CEU) (working paper, under-review)
  3. Using Regression Tree Ensembles To Model Interaction Effects: a graphical approach (with Fritz Schiltz, Chiara Masci, Tommaso Agasisti) (working paper, Applied Economics)
  4. Human capital effects of kindergarten and school enrollment timing (with Ágnes Szabó-Morvai and Kristof de Witte) (under review)
  5. The Effect of High Achieving Peers Leaving The Class – Evidence from Hungary(with Fritz Schiltz, Deni Mazrekaj and Kristof de Witte) (under review)
  6. The impact of church schools on test scores - evidence from a policy-experiment - with Zoltan Hermann, Tamás HajduChiara Masci and Tommaso Agasisti (in progress).