Fresh off the press: Article in Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Migration in migration-related diversity? The nexus between superdiversity and migration studies

This article argues that the notion of ‘superdiversity’ implies an investigation of diversity that goes well beyond the nature of migration origins and trajectories. To probe the academic value of superdiversity, I situate it within broader academic debates, suggesting that it is necessary to distinguish between superdiversity as a malleable social science concept – a set of variables that researchers conjunctively investigate – and superdiversity as a context in which these variables play out in complex social patterns. I argue that complexity is an integral aspect of superdiversity, before explaining how innovative research methods were used to investigate superdiversity in a dual-site project in London and Toronto in order to explore its relevance for global comparative research.

Keywords superdiversity, migration studies, diversity studies, complexity, comparing diversities, malleable concept

» Migration in migration-related diversity? 2014 ERS Article Fran Meissner