The OSU Write on Site meets from Monday to Thursday and--once a month--on Fridays (see schedule below) 

You may just drop in or commit to attend one or more sessions

Come join!

Summer 2018 Schedule

Day                                   Time               Room
Monday                             1-3pm              Cunz Hall 380B till 5/14, 351 5/21, then 340
Tuesday                             9-11am            Derby Hall 2174*
Wednesday                       9am-12pm      Derby Hall 2174*
Thursday                           1-3pm              Psychology Building 117
1st Friday each month^  9am-1pm        Riffe Building 816

¥ Committing involves a greater level of accountability because you: (1) are supposed to let a smaller email list know you'll be missing; (2) become aware of the reasons why you are putting off writing. You can always commit for a subset of hours of any of the sessions.

* If you are the first to arrive to Derby Hall, Psychology Bldg., or the Riffe Bldg. and the doors are locked feel free to ask a staff member (in Derby Hall 2140, Psychology Bldg. 225, or BioSci 630 (BioSci is connected to Riffe), respectively) to open them for you. Please always close the door behind you if you are the last to leave. 

^ May 4, June 1st, July 6, August 3