Two new papers published based on Partipol findings on electoral promises.

After several years of work, the two first articles prepared as part of the Partipol project, funded by the French Research Agency (ANR) have appeared. In the article "Do party manifestos matter in policymaking? Capacities, incentives and outcomes of electoral programmes in France", published in early view by Political Studies, we show that partisan influence on policy depends on both office-holders’ capacity for implementing policies evoked during their electoral campaigns and on governing parties’ incentives to implement electoral promises. In a further article published in French (Parole tenue? Une étude de la trajectoire des promesses électorales du président Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012)), we evaluate the conditions for pledge fulfilment form the case of N. Sarkozy and show that "hard" (precisely formulated) pledges, pledges on means (rather than ends) and pledges belonging to the presidential party's issues of predilection are more likely to be fulfilled than other pledges.