Special issue on electoral promises published with the French Political Science Review.

Qualitative case studies of the future of French electoral pledges

The French version came out in the 68(2) issue of the Revue française de science politique. An english version is forthcoming.

Keeping the Word.
Special issue of the French Political Science Review on the conditions shaping the implementation of electoral programmes (eds. Isabelle Guinaudeau and Simon Persico)

Keeping the word. The conditions for the fulfilment of electoral programmes.Isabelle Guinaudeau and Simon Persico

Who is the target? The conditions for the fulfilment of distributive electoral pledges from the case of Sarkozy's reform of poor pensioners’ benefits in 2008. Isabelle Guinaudeau and Olivier Costa

Policy entrepreneurs and electoral pledges. The case of the 2007 French law on the autonomy of universities. Isabelle Guinaudeau and Sabine Saurugger

The hidden costs of a key electoral promise: the extension of marriage and adoption to same-sex couples. Stephanie Abrial and Simon Persico

Challenging the programme. The logics of electoral disengagement from the case of privatisations under the Jospin government. Rafael Cos

Keeping an electoral promise without implementing it. The case of the closure of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant. Eva Deront, Aurélien Evrard and Simon Persico