Models of Electoral Competition - Three Essays in Political Economics.

This is the book containing my dissertation. If you follow the link you can download the PDF version.
Jan Klingelhöfer, Stockholm 2010
ISSN 0346-6892
ISBN 978-91-7447-109-0
Printed in Sweden by PrintCenter US-AB, Stockholm 2010
Distributor: Institute for International Economic Studies


The Effects of Electoral Rules.

Economic Review, Volume 29, November 2011

Lexicographic Voting: Holding Parties Accountable in the Presence of Downsian Competition

The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (2015, Contributions), 15(4): 1867–1892



Rent Seeking and the Size of Parliamentary Majorities.

In: G. Caballero und N. Schofield (Hrsg.): Political Economy and Institutions. Springer 2015. 251-260.

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