Research & Current Projects

Submitted Papers

From High School to the High Chair: Education and Fertility Timing (with Sunicia Vujic (Antwerp)) Revise and resubmit at Economics of Education Review

A Computer-Based Incentivized Food Basket Choice Tool – Presentation and Evaluation (with Michele Belot (EUI) and Jonathan Spiteri (Malta))  Click here for a working paper version. Revise and resubmit at PLOS ONE

Associations between in utero food exposure with subsequent food preferences and Body Mass Index in young children from low-income families, (with Michele Belot (EUI), Noemi Berlin (Edinburgh), and Valeria Ska da (Edinburgh)

Work in Progress

The Formation and Malleability of Dietary Habits: A Field Experiment with Low Income Families (with Michele Belot (EUI), Noemi Berlin (Paris-Nanterre), and Valeria Skafida (Edinburgh)  Click here for a working paper

FOI as a Data Collection Tool for Economists (with Joanna Clifton-Sprigg (Bath) and Sunicia Vujic (Antwerp)) Click here for a working paper

What you don't know (or think about) can't hurt you: An Experiment on Dietary Choices (with Michele Belot (Edinburgh), Jonathan Spiteri (Edinburgh))

Smoking, Information and Education: Evidence from the 1962 report by the Royal College of Physicians

The Impact of a Personalised Blood PressureWarning on Health Behaviours, (with Sonia Bhalotra (ISER, Essex), Adeline Delavande (ISER, Essex), Paul Fisher (ISER, Essex))

None for the Road: Stricter Drink Driving Laws and Road Accidents, with Marco Francesconi (Essex)

Qualifications and the Timing of Fertility, (with Suncica Vujic (Antwerp))