Research & Current Projects

Work in Progress

The Formation and Malleability of Dietary Habits: A Field Experiment with Low Income Families (with Michele Belot (EUI), Noemi Berlin (Paris-Nanterre), and Valeria Skafida (Edinburgh)  Click here for a working paper

FOI as a Data Collection Tool for Economists (with Joanna Clifton-Sprigg (Bath) and Sunicia Vujic (Antwerp)) Click here for a working paper

What you don’t know (or think about) can’t hurt you? An experiment on bounded rationality in dietary choices
(with Michele Belot (Edinburgh), Jonathan Spiteri (Edinburgh))

Associations between in utero food exposure with subsequent food preferences and Body Mass Index in young children from low-income families, (with Michele Belot (EUI), Noemi Berlin (Edinburgh), and Valeria Ska da (Edinburgh)

Smoking, Information and Education: Evidence from the 1962 report by the Royal College of Physicians

The Impact of a Personalised Blood Pressure Warning on Health Behaviours, (with Sonia Bhalotra (ISER, Essex), Adeline Delavande (ISER, Essex), Paul Fisher (ISER, Essex))

None for the Road: Stricter Drink Driving Laws and Road Accidents, with Marco Francesconi (Essex)

Qualifications and the Timing of Fertility, (with Suncica Vujic (Antwerp))

Maternal Stress During Pregnancy and Children’s Food Preferences (with Michele Belot (EUI), Martina Vecchi (Edinburgh), Nicolai Vitt (Edinburgh) 

Acute Stress and Dietary Choices: A Lab Experiment with Low-Income Mothers (with Michele Belot (EUI), Martina Vecchi (Edinburgh), Nicolai Vitt (Edinburgh)