International Agreements, Globalization and Domestic Politics (with Vera Troeger, University of Essex and Stephanie Rickard, LSE) 

This project aims to add an empirical investigation as to whether there is change over time on questions of public policy subject to international agreements within countries. It also aims to examine whether the policy commitments resulting from participation in international organisations alters the strategic context of electoral competition for political parties.

The Impact of European Integration on the Electoral Connection: The End of Responsiveness?  (with Ben Clements, University of Leicester)
The project focus is on how growing EU policy-making competence affects elite-mass linkages on policy preferences. We explore whether there are differences between parties’ adjusted policy proposals as a result of increasing EU constraints and the preferences of voters - as well as those of their own partisans. This study can provide a valuable link for explaining changes in public attitudes not only on the European issue but also broader trends, such as greater public discontent with the political process and increased voting for extremist and protest parties.