My doctoral research dealt with the reception of international law in the European Court of Human Rights. It has been recently published as a book by Oxford Univeristy Press.

As part of my postgraduate work, I co-wrote a book on friendly settlements before the European Court of Human Rights (also available from OUP). This project relied on a multidisciplinary approach using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

My research project this year deals with the concept of margin of appreciation as applied by the European Court of Justice. I am mainly interested in finding out how the ECJ is dealing with autonomous concepts which were created under the auspices of the ECHR. 

As part of my ongoing research, I am also involved in a project on the defence of claimants before the European Court of Human Rights ( and a project on the hindrances that they may encouter in having access to them (

As part of my work, I mainly use a multidisciplinary approach, as I am very much interested in how social science methods can be applied to law research.

My future research endeavours are focused on the question whether the EU external policy in the field of human rights contributes to the coherence of the international legal order. I am also starting to advise applicants with regard to their claims before the European Court of Human Rights.