Surveillance, freedom and the republic.

European Journal of Political Theory

Authority without Foundations – Arendt and the Paradox of Postwar German Memory Politics...

The Review of Politics (2014). Co-authored with Benjamin Nienass.



Foundations of Modern International Thought, by David Armitage (Review).

Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought.
(2013), 2.1, 221-24.

Conference papers

“Republicanism and the Problem of Representation”.

Representative Democracy in the 21st Century. Organized by Rainer Bauböck. European University Institute, Florence. October 25th & 26t

“The Paradox of German Refoundation and the Arendtian Lens” (with Ben Nienass)..

Presented on the panel: Arendtian Approaches to Political Theory at the MPSA 70th Annual Conference. April 13th, 2012.

“Theatricality and Sovereignty in the Philosophy of Hobbes.”.

Presented on the panel: Rethinking Hobbes as the MPSA 70th Annual Conference. April 14th, 2012.

“The Limits of the Cambridge School: For a Critical Theoretical Approach to the Neo-Roman Project.”.

Presented at: Futures:
 The History of Political Thought and Political Theory. European University Institute, Florence. September 27th & 28th,

“Myth-Making and the Arendtian Lens: Germany’s Politics of Meta-Memory.” (With Ben Nienass).

Presented at: (Re)Making Myths: The Creation, Use, and Abuse of Myths in German Literature conference held by the History, and Culture Department of German Studies and Department of History, Brown University.