Research and Current Projects


Next Projects:

My next project will take up the neorepublican project from historical revisionist and critical theoretical perspectives. The project is twofold. Part one will be a historical and theoretical reconsideration of the special role of urban politics and the space of the city in the realization of republican freedom in practice. Inversely I am interested in how certain canoncical thinkers can be understood as writing against urban republicanism and the city.

The second part of my next project will be normative and critical. It will aim at expanding the republican conception of domination beyond its current legalistic and sometimes antiquated casting so as to include modern modes of domination. For example, I am interested in how the neorepublican program could be brought to bear on questions of surveillance, borders, migration, privacy, etc. That is, political problems that have few are no annalogues in the classic republican tradition.