Courses Taught

Beyond Liberalism? Political Theories of Republicanism and Democracy

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Course evaluation -Beyond Liberalism? Political Theories of Republicanism and Democracy

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At Maastricht University:
Political Philosophy; Reading Philosophy; Cultural Studies; IR and Philosophy; Fault Lines (introduction to European political sociology); What is good science? (introduction to the philosophy of science).

Spring 2014
Hardt and Negri, Empire: A Reading
An advanced post-graduate course on Hardt and Negri's Empire.
Cross listed in the Department of History and Civilzation and the Department of Law
European University Institute.

Spring 2013 
Introduction to Republican Political Thought
Ph.D level course cross-Listed in the Department of Social and Political Science & the Department of History and Civilization.
European University Institute.


Spring 2013
Guest Lecturer on Hannah Arendt
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, teaching exchange.

Spring 2011
Critique of Domination: An Introduction to Political Theory
Undergraduate introduction to political theory in the Department of Politics. Eugene Lang College, New School University.


Spring 2008
People, Power and Politics. Department of Sociology
An undergraduate introduction to political and social theory.
Brooklyn College.