I am co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of Academics Stand Against Poverty Deutschland (ASAP Deutschland e.V.). I also represent ASAP Germany in the Global Chapter Committee. In January of 2014, ASAP Germany was launched as ASAP Deutschland e.V. at its inaugural conference in Berlin (Freie Universität). 

At ASAP Global, I manage one of its global flagship programs Global Colleagues.
Global Colleagues is a worldwide, one-to-one partnership project designed to help poverty-focused researchers in countries of the Global South gain better access to global academic networks and enhance their effectiveness as researchers, teachers and policy advisers.
Thus far, we have 70 scholars from all over the world participating. The development of Global Colleagues reflects ASAP members’ view that severe poverty is most effectively addressed if policy is informed by research, and if the research dialogue includes diverse regional competencies, experiences and voices. Matched colleagues will be encouraged to remotely share reading recommendations and research insights; information on salient conferences, workshops and other research activity; as well as to offer advice on specific research efforts and introductions to research networks where appropriate. Partnerships will beestablished for the duration of one year, renewable for further one-year periods by mutual consent. Global Colleagues is the flagship project of ASAP under its new three-year strategic plan.

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