Italian Political Thought

I have been working on Italian political thought in the 19th and 20th centuries. My MA dissertation reappraises the political implications of Benedetto Croce’s historiographical works. I am preparing an article that examines Croce’s concept of “hegemony”, as the prime example of its use before Gramsci.

My PhD thesis thoroughly reexamines Antonio Gramsci in light of the tension between his two assumptions, “Everybody can govern” and “Everybody governs”. For details, see the abstract of my thesis. Some of my articles on Gramsci are forthcoming; others are under consideration or under preparation. I am also transforming my PhD thesis into a monograph.

Other Italian thinkers of interest to me during this period are Gioberti, Gobetti, Mosca, and Salvemini, to note a few.

Global Intellectual History

I have just launched my new research project on global intellectual history, which looks at the simultaneous developments of Marxism in Italy and Japan, while jettisoning the unhelpful dichotomy of West-East. A part of this project is represented by my recent working paper on the reexamination of the category of Western Marxism.

Other Interests in the History of Political Thought

More broadly, I have been interested in theories of ideology and the political implications of historiography since my undergraduate years. This interest made me pick up Karl Mannheim for my BA thesis. I still retain a certain interest in Mannheim, in particular how his experience of exile in the UK somehow changed his previous theories of ideology and utopia.

Contemporary Political Theory

Looking at contemporary political theory, I am interested in topics such as ideal/nonideal theories, realism, and relational/nonrelational approaches. I am also interested in applying the outcomes of recent developments in political theory to new topics of politics at large, such as food politics.

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