- "Demand Learning and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Exporters"
with N. Berman and V. Vicard
Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming 
Last version (December 2017), online appendix
Old version: CEPR-10517

- "Protection without Discrimination"

- "Trade Liberalization, Offshoring and Firm Heterogeneity"
EUI working paper 2009/26 (pdf)

- "Exporting to Insecure Markets: a Firm-Level Analysis
with M. Crozet and P. Koenig
CEPII working paper 2008/13 (pdf)

- "Live or Let Die: Intra-Sectoral Lobbying on Entry"
with J. Vauday 
CES working paper 2008/36 (pdf)

- "Home Market Effect, Regulation Costs and Heterogeneous Firms.
with M. T. Okubo 
CES working paper 2006/56 (pdf)