Europe and Democracy

2019 ‘euandi’ Voting Advice Application for the May 2019 European Parliament Elections, Team Austria.

2019 "Understandings of Representative Democracy in Austria: Causes and Consequences" Module in AUTNES Online Panel Study (Wave 7).

2013-4: ‘euandi’ Voting Advice Application for the May 2014 European Parliament Elections, Team Austria.

2012-2015: “Designing & Operating an Infrastructure for the Empirical Inquiry of Political & Social Radicalism in Greece”: 7th Framework Program „Lifelong Learning“.

2012: ‘Choose for Greece’, Joint Academic Project/Online Application for Ideological Congruence.

2008-9: “Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the EU/PIREDEU”, 7th Framework Program 2007-10.

2008-11. “Representation in Europe: Policy Congruence between Citizens and Elites (REPCONG)”, European Science Foundation (ESF), Eurocores HumVib.

Political Gender Stereotypes

2019-2024 “Political Gender Stereotypes and their Effects” Module in the Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) - 28 Countries.

2018 “Political Gender Stereotypes in Austria”, Module in Plattform für Umfragen, Methoden und empirische Analysen - PUMA), survey fielded May-June 2018

2015-2016 “Gender Stereotypes and Political Behavior”: Special Module in Swiss Election Study-SELECTS, post election survey fielded Nov-Dec. 2015).

2011-2014: “Gender Equality, Gender Stereotypes and Candidate Selection”:Special Module in Finnish National Election Study/FNES, surveys fielded in Legislative Election 2011 and Presidential Election 2012).