Guia, Aitana. “Migrations.” In The History of Modern Spain: Chronologies, Themes, Individuals, edited by José Álvarez Junco and Adrian Shubert, London: Bloomsbury (In press. Expected publication in late 2017 or early 2018)

This chapter argues that the modern history of Spain is a history of movement and migration hitherto not properly acknowledged. I explore Spaniards’ internal migrations from rural to urban areas and from undeveloped regions to developing provinces, the various movements of Spanish exiles and economic migrants to Latin America and Europe, and also the movement of foreigners to Spain. The chapter explains why the image of Spain as a rotted and sedentary society has remained dominant despite the massive movements of people leaving (and sometimes returning to) the country; an image no longer sustainable after the arrival in the democratic period of migrants from all over the world that have turned Spain into a multicultural country.

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