I am interested in all areas of contemporary normative political theory, with special interests in the following areas:
- theories of social/distributive justice and equality 
- liberalism and republicanism
- the intersection of political theory and political economy
- self-respect and other self-evaluative attitudes
- international and global justice.

For the academic year 2021/22, I am an ISRF Political Economy Fellow, working on wage justice. 

My work currently focuses on
- wages and wage regulation, and their significance for recognition (in terms of respect or esteem) of social contributions, and equal citizenship; 
-  liberal and republican approaches to workplace democracy
- the implications of current sociological research on social class for theories of justice and equality.

Justice and Egalitarian Relations develops a liberal conception of relational equality, which understands equal non-domination and prevention of inegalitarian norms of social status as stringent demands of social justice, and explores its implications for political equality, distributive justice, and health and healthcare.