For the courses on wich I am currently teaching at Manchester, and their syllabi, do get in touch with me.

University of Frankfurt, "Institutionen in der Geschichte der politischen Ideen", Winter Term 2012/13, advanced seminar on different accounts of political institutions and standards for assessing them in early modern, modern, and  contemporary political thought.

» Syllabus Institutionen in der Geschichte politischer Ideen (PDF, 276.83 Kb)

University of Frankfurt, "Gerechtigkeit im Wandel", Winter Term 2011/12 beginners' seminar on changes in the concept of justice during modernity. 

» Syllabus Gerechtigkeit im Wandel (PDF, 115.8 Kb)

University of Frankfurt, "Justice and the Welfare State", Summer Term 2011, advanced seminar on the relationship between contemporary theories of social justice and comparative welfare state research.

» Syllabus Justice and the Welfare State (PDF, 104.25 Kb)