Reconciliation Narratives: The Birth of a Nation after the US Civil War
(last version: pdf)
(with Tiziano Rotesi, Alessandro Saia and Mathias Thoenig)
R&R at The American Economic Review

Side Effects of Immunities: African Slavery in the US South 
(last version: pdf)
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Malaria and Chinese Economic Activities in Africa
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Bite and Divide: Malaria and Ethnolinguistic Diversity
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(last version: pdf)

The Resource Curse in the Long-Run  
(with Scott F. Abramson)
(last version: pdf, appendix
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Epidemics and Conflict: 
Evidence from the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa
(with Ada Gonzalez-Torres)
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Social Adaptation to Diseases and Inequality: Historical Evidence from Malaria in Italy
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Long-term Exposure to Malaria and Violence in Africa 
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Education, Work and Peace: Promoting Opportunities for Young Adults in Colombia
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Health Policies and Conflict
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