"Re-reading Idris's Kant and Quṭb through an Excursus into the Cosmopolitan Implications of Barbary Coast Corsairs," in Politics, Religion & Ideology 21(1): 120-123 (go to article)

Murad Idris’s War for Peace is an incredible accomplishment. By examining and deconstructing accounts of peace from Plato to Quṭb, Idris offers an original perspective on the many meanings, manipulations, and troubling re-writings of peace in the Western and Islamic canons. In this essay I focus on Idris's joint reading of Kant and Quṭb, clarify some interpretive departures between Idris’s and my reading of Kant, offer an alternative, though complementary, reading of the role of Barbary Coast pirates in Kant’s political theory, and critically reconstruct Idris’s account of Quṭb.