"Residues of Border Control." In Southern Spaces, April (go to article) [with Susan Harbage Page, reprinted in 2016 in Global Mobilities. Refugees, Exiles, and Migrants in Museums and Archives, ed. Amy Levin (New York: Routledge)]

Residues of Border Control


Since 2007, Susan Harbage Page has photographed objects left at the U.S.-Mexico border, both on site in the Rio Grande Valley, and in her studio. In this photo essay, Inés Valdez comments on the significance of Harbage Page's images of the traces left by immigrants and by those who control the border. Valdez's discussion also challenges the historical representation of the U.S. as a welcoming "nation of immigrants."
"Residues of Border Control" was selected for the 2010 Southern Spaces series "Migration, Mobility, Exchange, and the U.S. South," a collection of innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship about how the movements of individuals, populations, goods, and ideas shape dynamic spaces, cultures, and identities within or in circulation with the U.S. South.

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