Research Interests: European Integration, International Relations Theory, International Security, Political Methodology (Statistics & Computational Social Sciences)

Completed Papers (under review to peer-reviewed journals)

[1] “In Quest for a Single Voice in the UN General Assembly: The Politics of Resolution 65/276”, (with S.Blavoukos & D.Bourantonis, revise & resubmit)

[2] "The Debris of a Doctrine: Turkey's Foreign Policy in the Syrian Imbroglio" (with Kostas Ifantis, under review)

[3] “Examining Norm-Consistent Foreign Policy: Greek EU Conditionality Policy against Turkey’s European Perspective” (under review)

[4] "The Negotiation Strategy of the European Union in the United Nations: A Theoretical Framework" (with M.Gianniou, I.Iakovidis)

Work in Progress

[1] “The EU as a Global Security Actor: An Automated Content Analysis Approach” (with H.Papageorgiou)

[2] "Examining the European citizens' sentiments about the EU security and defence policy through Twitter: The case of the Ukraine crisis" (with E.Palogiannidi and A.Kolovou)

[3] “Is the EU a Global Power: Examining the Intra-EU Perceptions via a Sentiment Computational Analysis”

[4] “How the Americans Perceive the EU as a Global Security Actor: A Big Data Approach”

[5] “Is the EU Political Project Democratic: Examining the Third Bailout Crisis in Greece” 

[6] "Tracing the EU Performance in Disarmament Affairs" (with Aderito Vicente)