Retrospective life course data from European countries on how early life experience determines old-age health and possible mid-life mediators.

Pakpahan E, Hoffmann R, Kröger H 2017, Data in Brief 10:277-282.

This data is related to the research article on how experiences during childhood are associated with health in old age (Pakpahan, Hoffmann, & Kröger, 2016). The data presents the distribution of socioeconomic status (SES) and health condition from childhood until old age in thirteen European countries. In order to capture the feature of longitudinal data, which resembles life course data, we divide the data into three schematic periods: childhood (up to 15 years old), adulthood (30 to 60 years old), and old age (61 to 90 years old). It contains respondent’s live histories, ranging from childhood conditions, such as housing and health condition to detailed questions on education, adult SES (working history, income, and wealth) and old age health. The data can be used not only to understand on how early life experience determines health in old age, but also to recognize the importance of possible mid-life mediators.