A Systematic Literature Review of Studies analyzing the Effects of Sex, Age, Education, Marital Status, Obesity and Smoking on Health Transitions.

Doblhammer, Gabriele; Hoffmann, Rasmus; Muth, Elena; Westphal, Christina; Kruse, Anne 2010, Demographic Research, 20:5, 37-64

Sex, age, education, marital status, obesity and smoking have been found to affect health transitions between non-disabled, disabled and death. Our aim is to review the research literature on this topic and provide structured information, first, on the availability of results for each risk factor and transition, second, on detailed study characteristics and disability measures. We use expert recommendations and the electronic databases Medline, PsycINFO and SOCA. The search is confined to the years 1985–2005 and produced a total of 7778 articles. 63 articles met the selection criteria regarding study population, longitudinal design, risk factors, transition, and outcome measures.

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