Current Projects

I have broad, interdisciplinary interests which span the social sciences. Currently, my research centers around three themes:
Experimental Political Economy
Along with several co-authors, I have developed an experimental bribery game for which we will soon conduct experiments in a third-country (Italy; in addition to the United States and Pakistan). Moreover, I will be conducting an experiment which is meant to capture the effects of income inequality and 'earned' income on propensity for corruption. Finally, I am working with several colleagues here at the EUI to develop experimental treatments of tax evasion and punishment.
Public Opinion and Its Measurement
I am interested broadly in public opinion and its measurement, but specifically in pre-election polling inaccuracy and in particular with respect to historically under-represented candidates. Along with Christopher Stout, we have a a series of papers that explore these issues. I am also beginning to explore polling inaccuracy for extremist parties.
Political Party Systems
I am interested in the quantitative measurement and cross-national comparison of party systems. I have two papers which introducte new metrics for the measurement of party systems, and I am still thinking about additional ways to measure such systems in a comparative way. In my year at the EUI, I also hope to take advantage of the EU profiler project's extensive unique dataset to examine the feedback between public opinion, both at the elite and mass levels, and party systems. This dovetails with my interests in public opinion and its measurement.